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24inTX is a project by central Texas photojournalist Ashley Landis.

Just before she turned 30, Ashley decided to go on a quick, 24-hour get-away trip by herself.  She loved it so much that she did it again.  And again.  Before too long, she had a collection of stories and photos, and nowhere to put them.  She began this blog to document her travels and share them with you.

Ashley is a native Texan and loves all things Texas.  She loves meeting new and interesting people, and capturing her experiences with a camera.

She specializes in editorial and sports photography, but has a somewhat secret interest in adventure and travel.  Maybe not so secret after this blog is published.

Ashley hopes you will browse her posts and suggest fun, new places to go, things to do and people to meet.

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One comment on “About 24inTX
  1. jp thomas says:

    Ashley ,I wish you a wonderful time and your trip out in the wilds of west texas ,I dream of doing what you done over the last few days and again very happy for the great photos and storys ,it make my life better each and every day ..
    Just wondering if you get the chance to do some photos of the stars ,IE time lapse or stills ,I only see the stars from my 78748 zip and there not to many ,,
    Thanks Again for being you

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