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I haven’t been camping in months.  I’ve been itching to get to a state park, build a campfire and sleep in a tent, but I only had the time to travel about 2 hours away.

I looked at the TPWD web site and found Lake Somerville State Park.  Never heard of it.  Hmm…a camp site by a lake?  Not a bad idea…

My car had been acting funny for the past week or so, but I packed up my stuff and hit the road.  At least for a few minutes before I had to turn around because I forgot something.  I left the car in park and ran in to the house to retrieve the forgotten item when I heard a loud noise coming from my car outside.  I ran out, turned off the engine and reassessed.  Maybe my camping trip wouldn’t happen after all.

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This time of year work is slow.  It’s the end of summer, all of the festivals are over and everyone’s gearing up to go back to school.  Soon football season will start and a routine will ensue, but until then, freelancers all over the country are searching for things to do.

Last Sunday afternoon I sat at the kitchen table with my husband and I was a bit down.  He suggested I go do something fun, but all I wanted to do was get away.  I had an appointment Tues. morning in Kyle, so I only had about 30 hours or so before I had to be back home.  Not a lot of time for travel.

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